C. J. Kuehner

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A formalization of relationships between space-sharing, program behavior, and processor efficiency in computer systems is presented. Concepts of value and cost of space allocation per task are defined and then value and cost are combined to develop a single parameter termed value per unit cost. The intent is to illustrate a possible analytic approach to the(More)
In many recent computer system designs, hardware facilities have been provided for easing the problems of storage allocation. This paper presents a method of characterizing dynamic storage allocation systems, according to the functional capabilities provided, and the underlying techniques used. The basic purpose of the paper is to provide a useful(More)
The method of storage allocation known as "demand paging," first introduced by the designers of the Atlas computer, has a very appealing conceptual simplicity. Furthermore, the possibility that this technique could be used to allow programmers to ignore the problems of organizing information flow between working storage and one or more levels of backing(More)
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