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1. Introduction In the design of satellite communication links knowledge of the magnitude of the attenuation and depolarisation of signals at the desired frequency is a prerequisite. Attenuation of satellite signals due to rain is very significant for frequencies above 5 GHz [1,2]. As the spectrum becomes more crowded, operators are forced to use higher and(More)
In Australia Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) lines are used to provide power for remote rural areas. It is desirable to transmit communication signals on these lines for smart metering, enhanced protection, load control and basic data services. This paper discusses the frequency dependent attenuation of the line due to radiation, ground and line losses. A(More)
It is desirable to use the same power line for sending communication signals as well as transmitting power. These communication signals can be used to control smart metering, provide network control and even provide Broadband communications over Power Lines (BPL). There is concern about the amount of radiation produced by Power Line Communications (PLC).(More)
Recently there has been a significant amount of publicity about high levels of radiation from power lines using Broadband communications over Power Lines (BPL). Specific interference problems, or experimental measurements are typically cited. For smart grid, smart metering and advanced metering infrastructure applications, low data rate Power Line(More)
Propagation inside buildings suffer from large shadowing and high multipath effects. This is a serious problem for Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) systems. OFDM has a high multipath tolerance and this paper shows how this can be used to overcome the problems due to shadowing. OFDM allows a base station to transmit and receive the same signal at the same(More)
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