C. J. Johnson

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Although understanding of the subsistence patterns, service utilization, and HIV-risk behaviors of homeless youths and young adults in increasing, relatively little is known about the epidemiology of mental health problems in this group or the relationships between mental health problems and substance use. This study measured symptoms of depression, low(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE To present a new measure, the Functional Assessment of Verbal Reasoning and Executive Strategies (FAVRES), with evidence for its reliability and validity in a normative study. The FAVRES is designed to evaluate the subtle cognitive-communication deficits of individuals with ABI. METHODS AND PROCEDURES The FAVRES consists of four complex,(More)
The present investigation is a study of the definitional style of nouns and verbs in typically developing school-age children. A total of 30 children in upper-elementary grades provided verbal definitions for 10 common high-frequency nouns (e.g., apple, boat, baby) and 10 common high-frequency verbs (e.g., climb, sing, throw). All definitions were coded and(More)
Ten children with a history of prematurity and respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) were matched with 10 full-term controls on the single-word stage of language. Eleven dependent variables probed for qualitative differences between the groups. Measures of receptive language were based on two assessment procedures specifically designed for this study.(More)
Patients on mechanical ventilation are occasionally hard to wean because of fatigue and/or depression. It is difficult to diagnose depression in this population, and treatment with traditional antidepressants has too slow an onset to be useful. Two cases are presented which suggest the possible utility of psychostimulants in this setting.
Little has been published on the risks of participating in an expedition. A questionnaire survey was conducted to quantify those risks and to determine how expedition organizers plan for medical mishaps. 246 expeditions, taking 2381 participants to more than one hundred countries, were studied retrospectively. 65 expeditions (26%) reported no medical(More)
  • Jie Luc, Cynthia J. Johnson, Mary Kubalanzaa, Christoph Scheidigerb, Maysoon Billera, Jonathan Buieb
  • 2015
Questions: 1. Do perceptual difficulties with speech sounds, i.e., phonetic awareness, underlie reading disabilities? 2. How do children with reading disabilities perform on phonetic awareness tasks compared to children without reading disabilities? 3. Among children with reading disabilities, are any performance patterns evident for consonants, vowels, and(More)
The cell BE design methodology is described which enables high frequency, high performance, power efficient, and area optimized design. It includes a hierarchical design style, clean clock boundary, effective use of non-scan latches, at-speed scan testing, custom design like synthesized macro, fine grained clock gating scheme, and cycle accurate power(More)