C J Johansson

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After administration of beta-naphthoflavone and Clophen A50 to juvenile rainbow trout, activities of hepatic cytochrome P-450-dependent deethylation of 7-ethoxyresorufin was increased 172- and 49-fold, respectively. Glutathione transferase activity towards 1-chloro 2,4 dinitrobenzene and UDP glucuronosyltransferase activities towards p-nitrophenol,(More)
The absolute bioavailability of nicotine administered nasally, as drops to the nasal conchae and nasal septum, and as a nasal spray, has been studied in eight healthy volunteers. Single nasal doses of 1 mg nicotine were given and plasma concentrations of nicotine were followed for 6 h. Compared to an intravenous infusion of nicotine, the bioavailability of(More)
Injuries occurring in two female elite soccer teams were recorded during 1 year. Of 41 players, 33 (80%) sustained 78 injuries. The incidence of injury during games was 24/1000 hours, while the incidence during training was 7/1000 hours. The majority (88%) of injuries were localized to the lower extremities, with equal occurrence in the left and right legs.(More)
Eighteen tenotomies of the adductor longus tendon were performed in 16 consecutive male athletes (aged 20 to 42) as treatment for chronic groin pain. The criteria for surgery was a history of long-standing (range, 2.5 to 48 months) and distinct pain at the origin of the adductor longus muscle, refractory to conservative treatment. At followup 35 months(More)
Twenty-three patients with stress fractures of the femoral neck were followed up at an average of 6.5 years after the injury. There were 16 recreational athletes and seven elite athletes. Most injuries (N = 15) occurred during running. The diagnosis was confirmed within 3 to 104 weeks (mean, 14 weeks) after the initial onset of symptoms. Sixteen of the(More)
Knee extensor performance, in 17 subjects with chronic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, was investigated preoperatively and on four different occasions postoperatively, using isokinetic measurements and electromyography of single maximum and repetitive manoeuvres. Preoperatively maximum mechanical output was comparatively low (injured leg),(More)
In order to evaluate relationships between structure and concentric function of the quadriceps muscle, isokinetic maximum knee extensor output at different velocities of angular motion (30-180 degrees s-1), integrated electromyographic activity (iEMG), cross-sectional area (CSA) of m. quadriceps and fibre composition of m. vastus lateralis were analysed in(More)
Injuries occurring in three Swedish elite soccer teams were analyzed during 1 year. A total of 49 of 64 players (75%) sustained 85 injuries. The incidence of injury during games was 13 injuries per 1000 hours, while the incidence during training was 3 injuries per 1000 hours. Twenty percent of the injuries required hospital facilities. The majority of the(More)
A prospective study of injuries in 89 elite orienteers showed a total incidence of three injuries per 1,000 training hours, with no difference between the sexes. Mean absence from training per year due to injury was 20 days for men and 19 days for women. Most injuries (80.3%) occurred during training, while the remaining injuries occurred during(More)
Fatty acid esterification of budesonide (BUD) has previously been documented in vitro as well as in large airway tissues after in vivo administration. This reversible esterification has the potential to prolong the anti-inflammatory effect of BUD and improve its airway selectivity. In the present study we characterized the plasma and tissue kinetics of BUD(More)