C. J. Gerrits

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Topoisomerase I inhibitors are interesting anti-cancer agents with a novel mechanism of action. We performed a phase I study with intravenous GI147211, a new semisynthetic camptothecin analogue, using a daily x 5 schedule administered every 3 weeks, to evaluate the side-effects and pharmacokinetics of the agent. Patients with a histologically confirmed(More)
Topoisomerase I inhibitors constitute a new class of anti-cancer agents. Recently, topotecan and irinotecan were registered for clinical use in ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer respectively. Cytotoxicity of topoisomerase I inhibitors is S-phase specific, and in vitro and in vivo studies have suggested that, for efficacy, prolonged exposure might be more(More)
Topoisomerase I inhibitors are new compounds of interest for cancer chemotherapy. We performed a study with GI147211, a new semisynthetic camptothecin analogue, to determine the absolute bioavailability of the drug given orally. Patients with a histologically confirmed diagnosis of a solid tumour refractory to standard forms of therapy were eligible for the(More)
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