C. J. Forster-Gibson

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An imbalance between excitation and inhibition in the cerebral cortex has been suggested as a possible etiology of autism. The DLX genes encode homeodomain-containing transcription factors controlling the generation of GABAergic cortical interneurons. The DLX1 and DLX2 genes lie head-to-head in 2q32, a region associated with autism susceptibility. We(More)
The heterogeneity of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) confounds attempts to identify causes and pathogenesis. Identifiable endophenotypes and reliable biomarkers within ASDs would help to focus molecular research and uncover genetic causes and developmental mechanisms. We used dense surface-modelling techniques to compare the facial morphology of 72 boys(More)
Autism severity is associated with child and maternal MAOA genotypes. We replicated and extended a previously reported association between autism severity and a functional polymorphism in the monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) promoter region, MAOA-uVNTR, in a sample of 119 males, aged 2-13 years, with autism spectrum disorder from simplex families. We demonstrated(More)
BACKGROUND The Canadian Open Genetics Repository is a collaborative effort for the collection, storage, sharing and robust analysis of variants reported by medical diagnostics laboratories across Canada. As clinical laboratories adopt modern genomics technologies, the need for this type of collaborative framework is increasingly important. METHODS A(More)
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