C J Favre

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Net Ca2+ uptake into intracellular Ca2+ stores of homogenized cells is transient, even when the extravesicular Ca2+ concentration is kept constant. To study the mechanism underlying the phenomenon, we have investigated 45Ca2+ uptake by HL-60 cell homogenates. The initial rate of Ca2+ uptake as well as the final amount of stored Ca2+ were a function of the(More)
The coupling between Ca(2+) pools and store-operated Ca(2+) entry channels (SOCs) remains an unresolved question. Recently, we revealed that Ca(2+) entry could be activated in response to S-nitrosylation and that this process was stimulated by Ca(2+) pool emptying (Favre, C. J., Ufret-Vincenty, C. A., Stone, M. R., Ma, H-T. , and Gill, D. L. (1998) J. Biol.(More)
Macrolide antibiotics exert antileukemic effects by modulating the autophagic flux through inhibition of hERG1 potassium channels Macrolide antibiotics (MAs) have a wide spectrum of activities against Gram-positive bacteria, but they have also been proposed as anticancer drugs for multiple tumor types. 1 On these bases, clinical trials have been started,(More)
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