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A midline diastema usually is part of normal dental development during the mixed dentition. However, several factors can cause a diastema that may require intervention. An enlarged labial frenum has been blamed for most persistent diastemas, but its etiologic role now is understood to represent only a small proportion of cases. Other etiologies associated(More)
The recent increase in smokeless tobacco (ST) use has prompted investigators to assess the health effects of ST use. This study attempted to evaluate the prevalence of oral leukoplakia among adolescent users and to determine factors associated with its presence. During their annual physical examination, 1116 teenaged football players (567 black, 546 white)(More)
In assessing the prevalence and perceptions of use of smokeless tobacco among adolescent male athletes, several findings have public health implications. Almost a third of the sample had tried smokeless tobacco and 8% were current users. Racial differences between blacks and whites were remarkable. Differences in income strata and urban/rural settings were(More)
Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome is characterized by limb hypertrophy, varicose veins, and vascular nevus. The orofacial manifestations include early eruption of permanent teeth and hemifacial hypertrophy. This 5-year-old male patient had facial asymmetry, limb abnormalities, and a thumb-sucking habit. Cephalometric analysis revealed a Class II open bite(More)
Female Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into three groups. All three groups were given the same solid diet (with 1.6 ppm F). Group I was given deionized water, group II drank water with 5 ppm fluoride added, and group III had 50 ppm fluoride added. All females were mated with the same male. The pups were sacrificed at 28 days, and the mandibles were removed(More)
Fusion of either primary or permanent molars is rare. Fusion can be either partial or complete, depending on the developmental stage of the teeth when the fusion began. This paper reports a case of unilateral fusion of maxillary primary molars associated with an adjacent succedaneous supernumerary permanent tooth. Three studies have reported primary double(More)
The present study was conducted to assess differences in the behavioral and demographic characteristics of snuff (dip) users as compared to users of chewing tobacco. High School football players (1116) were surveyed concerning their use and perceptions of smokeless tobacco. Adolescent athletes who tried smokeless tobacco were more likely to be white, to use(More)
Neurofibromatosis, as identified by yon Recklinghausen, is an autosomal dominant, neurocutaneous syndrome, characterized by multiple neurofibromas, cafe-au-lait spots, and iris Lisch nodules.1, 2 This disorder has also been referred to as the "Elephant Man" disease, and was the subject of a play and movie depicting the life of Joseph Merrick, who suffered(More)