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In some scenarios, such as B2B or IPR contracting, or by legal requirement, the participation of an e-notary in the contract signing is required in many cases, that is, an on-line TTP. This e-notary gives validity to the contract or performs some tasks related to the contract, such as contract registration or fraud detection. In these B2B or DRM contracting(More)
In the session initiation protocol (SIP), payments have been proposed as a way for vendors to obtain profit from the services they provide. Payments in SIP have also been proposed for microbilling and even as a solution to SPAM in VoIP systems. Although several proposals exist for making payments in SIP, they present some limitations when we want to pay for(More)
One of the most important components in e-commerce systems is the validation of digital signatures, which implies the validation of certificates in order to check the validity status of the certificates used to create a signature. Nowadays, several mechanisms to accomplish this process exist, but there is no agreement with which particular mechanism should(More)
Proposals such as CAdES, XAdES and LTANS have made the need of remaining evidences over long periods of time clear. Between these evidences we have electronic signatures, certificates, requests and responses of validation mechanisms and so on. In order to gather these evidences, clients have to support several PKI-compliant protocols. Then, with the aim of(More)
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