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AIMS Compared with bare metal stents, first-generation drug-eluting stents (DES) are associated with an increased risk of late restenosis and stent thrombosis (ST). Whether this risk continues or attenuates during long-term follow-up remains unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We extended the follow-up of 1012 patients [sirolimus-eluting stent (SES): N = 503 and(More)
Neural networks are used as associative memories to build an expert system for diagnostic. Similarly to expert systems implemented using symbolic manipulation, here the knowledge is introduced by a knowledge engineer using a collection of known cases. Fuzzy sets are used as interpretation for connection values and/or excitation state of units. The main(More)
OBJECTIVES The prognosis of patients with intramural haematoma (IMH) of the aorta beyond the first year after diagnosis remains largely unknown. In particular, patients that do not undergo interventions are lost to follow-up. The aim was to assess medium-term outcome in IMH patients. METHODS Post hoc analysis of 63 consecutive patients presenting with IMH(More)
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