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In order to determine the seroprevalence of Toxocara spp. infection in children from Chengdu, we performed an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and sandwich ELISA (S-ELISA) with excretory-secretory antigens isolated from second-stage larvae of Toxocara canis (TES-Ag ELISA). The seroprevalences of T. canis antibodies in the children from rural areas,(More)
BACKGROUND Artemin (Artn), a member of the glial cell line-derived growth factor (GDNF) family, supports the development and function of a subpopulation of peptidergic, TRPV1-positive sensory neurons. Artn (enovin, neublastin) is elevated in inflamed tissue and its injection in skin causes transient thermal hyperalgesia. A genome wide expression analysis of(More)
UNLABELLED We used a neuroselective transcutaneous electrical stimulus to determine the onset time of cutaneous anesthesia with 4% liposomal lidocaine under occluded and nonoccluded conditions. The pain tolerance threshold (PTT) was used to atraumatically evaluate nociception. Twenty adult volunteers had liposomal lidocaine applied to the volar surface of(More)
STUDY DESIGN Longitudinal study of intraoperative pulmonary function in young children with thoracic hypoplasia and scoliosis undergoing multiple expansion thoracoplasty using the vertical expandable prosthetic titanium ribs (VEPTRs). OBJECTIVE To test the long-term efficacy of VEPTR multiple expansion thoracoplasty. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA To our(More)
The effect on pulmonary function of serial VEPTR expansion thoracoplasty was studied longitudinally in anesthetized children with spondylothoracic dysplasia using a special mobile unit. The median age of 24 children at the start of surgery was 4.6 years (1.8-10.8) and most exhibited a moderate-to-severe restrictive lung defect. After a median of 3.2 years(More)
Infection with a mutant Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) strain RP-2ms showed reduced neurovirulence than wild type or RP-9 strains after inoculation in BALB/c mice. However, higher intracellular viral titer was detected in Rp-2ms infected cultured cells. Localizations of non-structural 3 (NS3) and envelope (E) proteins were demonstrated by(More)
Sedation and analgesia in pediatric patients for procedures outside the operating room are becoming more frequent as health care is being driven to be more cost effective and "efficient." Although anesthesiologists may not be directly involved in sedation or analgesia outside of the operating room, there is a high likelihood that they will be asked by their(More)
Regional anesthesia techniques commonly utilized in post-operative pain management are often considered contraindicated in coagulopathic patients. We report on successful postoperative pain control utilizing peripheral nerve blockade after exploratory laparotomy with small bowel resection in a mildly coagulopathic patient. In our case, complicated by(More)