C I Thompson

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OBJECTIVE To establish whether acutely unwell patients admitted to hospital wish to participate in discussions about resuscitation. DESIGN Prospective, cross sectional study of a successive cohort of patients. SETTING Admission through the emergency department. PARTICIPANTS 374 adult patients. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE Whether acutely unwell patients(More)
One hundred and sixty-five women admitted to a gynaecology unit with lower abdominal pain were screened for infection with Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis by members of a department of genitourinary medicine. C. trachomatis alone was detected in 21 patients. N. gonorrhoeae alone was isolated from five patients, and dual infection was present(More)
Genitourinary medicine (GUM) departments need to be resource efficient to manage the increasing numbers of patients seeking to access services. At the Edinburgh GUM department, we wished to develop a new No-Talk Testing (NTT) clinic for asymptomatic, low-risk patients attending for routine sexually transmitted infection (STI) screening. We undertook a(More)
Patients who may have been at risk of sexually transmitted infections should receive information on the infections for which they are being tested, and how and when they can receive their results. In August 2005, we installed a novel 24-hour computer-facilitated telephone results system in our department and an audit was conducted for the month of September(More)
  • C Thompson
  • 2006
A retrospective case note review of 212 individuals (190 women) attending a city-centre Genitourinary Medicine clinic between 1/4/2002 and 31/3/2004 following an acute sexual assault. Direct referral by the Forensic Medical Examiner to the dedicated weekly clinic for victims of sexual assault facilitated the attendance of 55/113 attending the dedicated(More)