C I Szathmary

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The gut microflora and adrenal cortex hormone levels were monitored in HUNGAHYB piglets of 10-12 kg and in Wistar rats of 100-150 g body weight fed with different pure Fusarium toxins. The feeding of either T-2, T-2 + F-2 and DAS toxins at the 5 microgram/g feed level for one week resulted in the substantial increase of aerobic bacteria count of the(More)
Isolates of Fusarium and Stachybotrys spp. and crude extracts from these fungi were obtained from Hungary and the U.S.S.R. and used for the evaluation of the mycotoxins they produced. The cultures were grown on millet and oats and extracted in Budapest, Hungary (Veterinary Medical Research Institute) and chemically analyzed at the University of Minnesota(More)
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