C-I Chang

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The research on interaction of electromagnetic fields with media is pursued (a) to obtain self-consistent formulations of electrodynamics in the presence of moving and deforming media, and (b) to study nonlinear interactions of electromagnetic fields and optical frequencies both theoretically and experimentally. 1. Force on Media in Electromagnetic Fields(More)
Neural scientists have long been eager to find the subcortical pathways between different parts of cortex in human brain. By far, Diffusion Weighted-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DW-MRI) is the only noninvasive technique to achieve this task in vivo. It applies a bipolar gradient to reveal diffusion of water molecules. With the assumption that the directions(More)
This paper presents a new application of independent component analysis (ICA) in magnetic resonance (MR) image analysis. One of most successful applications for ICA-based approaches in MR imaging is functional MRI (fMRI) which basically deals with one-dimensional temporal signals. The ICA approach proposed in this paper is rather different and considers a(More)
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