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Inpainting algorithm is used to fill missing information in an image. This paper proposes modified fast and enhanced exemplar based inpainting algorithm for solving unknown row filling problem. This technique is modification in updating criteria in fast and enhanced exemplar based inpainting algorithm. Our experimental results show that proposed scheme(More)
During 1992–2013, pumping of groundwater caused large-scale aquifer-system compaction and land subsidence in the Choshui River Alluvial Fan (CRAF) in Taiwan. The subsidence has already endangered the operation of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR). In this paper, we introduce the multiple sensors monitoring system to study the extent of subsidence in CRAF and(More)
Image in-painting refers to a technique used for refill the missing regions of an imageand recover the corrupted image.Image in-painting or completion is a technique to restore a damaged image completely. In-painting approaches play a important role in numerous applications like object deletion, scratch deletion, Image restoration etc. Two classes of(More)
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