C. Hui

P. Caplat1
H. O. Minoarivelo1
D. A. Peltzer1
B. D. Maxwell1
1D. A. Peltzer
1H. O. Minoarivelo
1B. D. Maxwell
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Biological invasion by non-native tree species can transform landscapes, and as a consequence, has received growing attention from researchers and managers alike. This problem is driven primarily by the naturalisation and invasion of tree species escaping from cultivation or forestry plantations. Furthermore, these invasions can be strongly influenced by(More)
As asymmetric structures of mutualistic networks can potentially contribute to system resilience, elucidating drivers behind the emergence of particular network architectures remains a major endeavour in ecology. Here, using an eco-evolutionary model for bipartite mutualistic networks with trait-mediated interactions, we explore how particular levels of(More)
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