C. Hafner

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B cells are increasingly recognized as major players in multiple sclerosis pathogenesis. The BAFF/APRIL system is crucial for B cell homoeostasis and may drive B cell-dependent autoimmunity. We asked whether this system is affected by Interferon (IFN)-beta therapy. We analysed transcription of the ligands (BAFF, APRIL, TWE-PRIL) and the corresponding(More)
The optical properties of plasmonic dipole and bowtie nanoan-tennas are investigated in detail using the Green's tensor technique. The influence of the geometrical parameters (antenna length, gap dimension and bow angle) on the antenna field enhancement and spectral response is discussed. Dipole and bowtie antennas confine the field in a volume well below(More)
BACKGROUND Ara h 1, a vicilin; Ara h 2, a 2S albumin; and Ara h 3, a legumin, are major peanut allergens. Ara h 2 is an important predictor of clinical reactivity to peanut, but cosensitization to all 3 allergens is correlated with the severity of patients' symptoms. OBJECTIVE We investigated whether cosensitization to these 3 allergens is caused by IgE(More)
We present a new technique for the design of transformation-optics devices based on large-scale optimization to achieve the optimal effective isotropic dielectric materials within prescribed index bounds, which is computationally cheap because transformation optics circumvents the need to solve Maxwell's equations at each step. We apply this technique to(More)
The development of photonic nano-structures can strongly benefit from full-field electromagnetic (EM) simulations. To this end, geometrical flexibility and accurate material modelling are crucial requirements set on the simulation method. This paper introduces a modular implementation of dispersive materials for time-domain EM simulations with focus on the(More)
  • E Ganglberger, B Sponer, I Schöll, U Wiedermann, S Baumann, C Hafner +6 others
  • 2001
By screening phage display random peptide libraries with purified immunoglobulin E (IgE) from birch pollen-allergic patients, we previously defined peptides mimicking natural IgE epitopes (mimotopes) of the major birch pollen allergen Bet v 1. The present study aimed to define a monovalent carrier for the IgE mimotopes to induce protective antibodies(More)
Nanowire-based solar cells opened a new avenue for increasing conversion efficiency and rationalizing material use by growing different III−V materials on silicon substrates. Here, we propose a multiterminal nanowire solar cell design with a theoretical conversion efficiency of 48.3% utilizing an efficient lateral spectrum splitting between three different(More)
A scheme for the direct conversion of millimeter and THz waves to optical signals is introduced. The compact device consists of a plasmonic phase modulator that is seamlessly cointegrated with an antenna. Neither high-speed electronics nor electronic amplification is required to drive the modulator. A built-in enhancement of the electric field by a factor(More)
  • Simon A Gebrewold, Romain Bonjour, Sophie Barbet, Anaelle Maho, Romain Brenot, Philippe Chanclou +8 others
  • 2015
Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier fiber cavity lasers (RSOA-FCLs) are appealing, colorless, self-seeded, self-tuning and cost-efficient upstream transmitters. They are of interest for wavelength division multiplexed passive optical networks (WDM-PONs) based links. In this paper, we compare RSOA-FCLs with alternative colorless sources, namely the(More)
Powering and manipulating translational and rotational motions of objects wirelessly, and controlling several objects independently is of significant importance in numerous fields such as robotics, medicine, biology, fluid dynamics, optics. We propose a method based on coupled LC resonators, to control objects selectively by steering the frequency of an(More)