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We present a robust clustering method based on a modiied Weiszfeld algorithm for the multivariate median, and associated data depth. The multi-variate medians are used to represent the clusters, while the induced relative L1-depths are used to identify outliers and to select the number of clusters. We d e v elop a cluster validation and visualization tool(More)
In order to solve the problem of modeling and inference for a vast complicated system, a new concept of Hierarchy DDBN was proposed here through the layer analysis method, and worked out the inference algorithm of the Hierarchy DDBN based on the strict probability theory. In order to test the validity of the inference algorithm, a series of simulation were(More)
The endoparasitoid Microplitis prodeniae Rao and Chandry is an important potential augmentative biological control agent for lepidopteran pests of vegetables and tobacco. However, cold storage of pupae is required to ensure that sufficient parasitoids are available when they are needed in the field. In this study, pupae were maintained at 0, 4 or 10°C for(More)
Xenon capillary discharge sources are being developed for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light for next generation lithography. However, the current sources generate in-band (2%), 2pi EUV emission with conversion efficiency (CE) of <1%. Here we report progress in the development of a Z-pinch EUV source using a tin target, which was found to have significant(More)
To assess the loss of drugs to in-line filters, concentrations of tobramycin, vancomycin, and phenobarbitone were determined in vitro in samples recovered upstream and downstream of the filter. Binding of the drugs to new filters was higher than to used filters. With bolus administration, the concentrations of vancomycin and phenobarbitone were reduced by(More)
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