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Comparative distribution coefficients and cation-exchange behaviour of the alkaline earth elements with various complexing agents.
Equilibrium distribution coefficients are presented for the alkaline earth metals Be(II), Mg(II), Ca(II), Sr(II) and Ba(II) with the complexing agents acetate, formate, lactate, citrate, tartrate,Expand
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Ion Exchange Chromatography Applied to the Separation and Accurate Determination Of Some Trace Elements in Rocks
Ion exchange chromatography is extremely well suited for the complete or partial separation of trace and ultra-trace elements from rooks and minerals. Selective methods are described for theExpand
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Selective separation of uranium from other elements by cation-exchange chromatography in hydrobromic acid and hydrochloric acid-acetone mixtures.
U(VI) can be separated from Ga, Fe(III), Bi, Pb, Cd, Zn, Cu(II) and Au(III) by quantitative elution with 0.50M HBr in 86% acetone or with 0.35M HBr in 90% acetone from a column of AG50W-X4Expand
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