C. H. Ueng

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A 0D discrete molecule [Co(3,5-pdc)(H2O)5].2H2O (1) was obtained in quantitative yield from the reaction of CoCl2.6H2O and pyridine-3,5-dicarboxylate (3,5-pdc) in pure water solvent at ambient temperature. While a 1D zigzag chain species, [{Co(3,5-pdc)(H2O)4}.H2O]n (2), was produced in a water-rich environment, a 2D layer compound, [Co(3,5-pdc)(H2O)2]n (3),(More)
A homochiral amino acid coordination network [{Ag3Cu3(l-methioninato)6(NO3)3(H2O)3}.7H2O]n, self-assembled from CuII, AgI, and l-methionine via a distinct soft-hard recognition process, shows interesting characteristics, in that it is constructed from 1D helical building blocks and contains homochiral channels in which 1D water chains are hosted. This(More)
We have synthesized a new series of chromium-group 15 dihydride and hydride complexes [H(2)As(Cr(CO)(5))(2)](-) (1) and [HE(Cr(CO)(5))(3)](2)(-) (E = As, 2a; E = Sb, 2b), which represent the first examples of group 6 complexes containing E-H fragments. The contrasting chemical reactivity of 2a and 2b with organic halogen derivatives is demonstrated. The(More)
The reactions of appropriate ratios of K2TeO3 and [Mn2(CO)10)] in superheated methanol solutions lead to a series of novel cluster anions [Te4Mn3(CO)10] (1), [Te2Mn3(CO)9]2- (2), [Te2Mn3(CO)9]- (3), and [Te2Mn4(CO)12]2- (4). When cluster 1 is treated with [Mn2(CO)10]/KOH in methanol, paramagnetic cluster 2 is formed in moderate yield. Cluster 2 is oxidized(More)
We have discovered a series of novel pentacarbonylchromium derivatives of bismuth from the reactions of NaBiO(3) with [Cr(CO)(6)] in KOH/MeOH solutions. When the reaction was carried out at room temperature, the highly charged [Bi[Cr(CO)(5)](4)](3-) (1) was obtained, whose structure was shown by X-ray analysis to possess a central bismuth atom tetrahedrally(More)
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