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Anthropogenic structures, such as wall surfaces, may change the acoustic environment for signals transmitted by animals, creating novel environments that animals must either adapt to or abandon. Animals can potentially use those structures to manipulate sound characteristics. In many anuran species, successful reproduction depends on long-range propagation(More)
In this paper, we describe a method of stability analysis for a GA-Based reference adaptive fuzzy sliding model controller for the handling of these problems for a nonlinear system. Firstly, an uncertain and nonlinear plant for the tracking of a reference trajectory is well approximated and described via a fuzzy model involving fuzzy logic control rules.(More)
The growing popularity and importance of web applications have been increasing continuously in recent years. Use of JAVASCRIPT and dynamic DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation on the client side of web applications is becoming a widespread approach for achieving rich interactivity and responsiveness in modern web applications. AJAX (Asynchronous(More)
A new approach has been developed to investigate the carrier transport characteristics of Dopant-Segregated Schottky (DSS) barrier MOSFET. A Velocity Saturation Model (VSM) based on experimentally measurements has been developed to determine the injection velocity (v<inf>inj</inf>) and ballistic efficiency (B<inf>sat</inf>). DSS device with low series(More)
The dopant and thermal interaction on solid phase epitaxy (SPE) formed SiC has been investigated. We have studied the impact on substitutional carbon concentration ([C]<inf>sub</inf>) from various thermal steps including low temperature anneal, SiGe epitaxy thermal budget, RTP, and laser anneal (LSA). Regarding the integration scheme for implementing(More)