C. H. Rolph

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Streptococcus suis is an important pathogen of pigs causing arthritis, pneumonia and meningitis and is an occupational disease of farmers and those in the meat industry. As with other streptococci, both virulent and avirulent strains of S. suis are frequently carried asymptomatically in the tonsillar crypts and nasal cavities. Little is known about the(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Strains during stance on the hoof wall surface have been measured by a number of authors in vitro and in vivo. Histological structure and mechanical properties vary through the wall thickness (radially); radial strain measurements may therefore aid the understanding of mechanical function of the capsule and adjacent tissues. (More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Radial strain in normal hooves has been found to vary with strain gauge location, limb posture and sample limb but reported magnitudes were considered to be low. More accurate measurement of radial strain may enhance the understanding of hoof function. OBJECTIVES To explore in vitro radial hoof strain in relation other kinetic(More)
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