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In the Federal Republic of Germany, where accidents to schoolchildren are covered by the statutory accident insurance, a total of 991,947 accidents of this kind occurred in 1987, 133 of which were fatal. In this study, the accidents and injuries sustained by 1059 schoolboys and schoolgirls who received medical treatment in our clinics are analysed. We are(More)
Traffic accidents differ from non-traffic accidents where the injuries are concerned. With the males two thirds of the thoracic injuries happened in non-traffic accidents and one third in road accidents; with the females, the relation was reversed. In thirteen per cent of the traffic accidents and in twenty-five per cent of the non-traffic accidents there(More)
Presensitization induced by pretreatment of the recipients with donor species-specific spleen antigen cannot be completely reversed by immunosuppressive drugs. However, there is a suppressive influence of the combined administration of azathioprine and prednisolone on hemagglutinating antibody production after transplantation as well as an effect on(More)
Although the transplant combinations chimpanzee-man on one hand and fox-dog on the other hand have nearly the same phylogenetic development within their zoological family, it is not quite correct to compare the immunological reactions and patterns of rejection of xenogeneic transplants within these systems. The differences in immunochemistry of serum(More)