C. H. O'Donnell

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Performance in two field tests was compared with maximum oxygen uptake (V02max) and anaerobic threshold in 42 male army staff. V02max was measured directly during incremental treadmill exercise. Anaerobic threshold was determined simultaneously from changes in ventilation and gas-exchange. The time to run 2.4 km and the distance covered in 12 minutes were(More)
The oxygen consumption (VO2) of healthy volunteers and patients recovering from respiratory failure in the ICU was measured by indirect calorimetry during complete mechanical (VO2vent) and spontaneous (VO2wean) ventilation. The work of breathing was calculated as the difference in VO2 between spontaneous and mechanical ventilation and expressed as a(More)
PURPOSE To compare the cardiovascular effects of computed tomographic (CT) colonography and conventional endoscopy in a group of patients undergoing both procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 144 patients underwent CT colonography followed by flexible sigmoidoscopy (40 patients) or colonoscopy (104 patients). Pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen(More)
Continuous irrigation-suction catheter (Irri-cath) is a double-lumen device that allows for simultaneous saline solution infusion and aspiration. This system may theoretically be more effective than conventional dry intermittent suction due to its vortex principle. To test this hypothesis, we performed 200 suction maneuvers in 20 ventilated patients.(More)
AIM To compare measurements of expiratory collapse obtained using multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) of the central airways on routine axial and multiplanar reformatted (MPR) images. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifty volunteers with normal pulmonary function and no smoking history were imaged using a 64 MDCT system (40 mAs, 120 kVp, 0.625 mm collimation)(More)