C. H. Lindsey

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ion (a protonotion of a protonotion) 1 .1 .4 .2 .b<lb>acceptable to (a value acceptable to a mode) 2.1 .3 .6 .d<lb>access (inside a locale) 2.1 .2.c<lb>action 2.1 .4 .1 .a<lb>active (action) 2.1 .4 .3.a<lb>after (in the textual order) 1.1 .3 .2 .i<lb>akin (a production tree to a production tree) 1.1 .3 .2 .k<lb>(alignment) 10 .3 .4 .1 .1 .ff<lb>alternative(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of bedside nursing report implementation on a pediatric neuroscience unit. BACKGROUND The change-of-shift nursing report often involves only nurse-to-nurse communication, occurs far away from the patient's bedside, and includes little or no patient/family involvement. Studies show that(More)
ALGOL 68 is a language with a lot of &#8220;history&#8221;. Thereader will hear of discord, resignations, unreadable documents, aminority report, and all manner of politicking. But although ALGOL 68was produced by a committee (and an unruly one at that), the languageitself is no camel. Indeed, the rigorous application of the principle(More)
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