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For 10 consecutive patients in our unit who did not show a significant rise in blood progenitor cells within 14 days following chemotherapy and G-CSF, we increased the G-CSF dose from 5 to 10 μg/kg/day (n = 9) or from 10 to 15 μg/kg/day (n = 1). As a result, there were significant increases in total yield as well as yield per apheresis of mononuclear cells,(More)
An elderly Chinese was admitted for haemetemesis. Investigations revealed markedly prolonged clotting times that recurred every few days despite administration of fresh frozen plasma and vitamin K. The derangement in coagulation lasted more than 3 months. In view of the absence of liver disease or malabsorption syndromes, long-acting anticoagulant(More)
Composted nitrogenous waste has the potential to produce excessive amounts of nitrous oxide (N2O), a potent greenhouse gas that also contributes to stratospheric ozone depletion. In this laboratory study, sawdust was irrigated with varying amounts of landfill leachate with high NH4+-N content (3950 mg l(-1)). Physicochemical properties, including the amount(More)
Megaloblastic anaemia is uncommon in Hong Kong. Eighty-four consecutive Chinese patients with megaloblastic anaemia were studied. There were 48 males and 36 females, with a median age at presentation of 67 years. Vitamin B12 deficiency was found in all cases, with none of the patients showing folate deficiency. The frequency of pernicious anaemia in our(More)
About half of the haemophiliacs in Hong Kong have been infected by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This study aimed to determine their clinical course of progression. Forty-seven adult patients with congenital coagulation factor deficiency being followed up regularly from January 1992 onward in the Department of Medicine of Queen Mary Hospital, Hong(More)
Blast cells from a majority of acute myelogenous leukaemia (AML) patients express c-kit mRNA. However, c-kit expression has not been observed in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) and lymphoproliferative disease. We report here the detection of an abnormal sized c-kit mRNA in two Hong Kong Chinese patients with pre-B ALL and common ALL.