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The main goal of this research is to innovate wood-plastic composites by using various wood particle sizes and different mixture ratios (weight ratio) of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). After mixing the wood particles (recycled wood waste) and the plastic powder, we use a molding and pressing process to make composites with a thickness of 12 mm. By doing(More)
High-K/Metal-Gate (HK/MG) reliability TDDB and BTI are investigated systematically for the first time through HfZrO<sub>x</sub> gate stack engineering. To meet reliability requirements, it is shown that the HK film thickness, the position and concentration of a Zr dopant, utilizing post deposition anneal (PDA), and decoupled plasma nitridation (DPN) are(More)
Owing to NAND flash technology facing its scaling limit, resistive random access memory (RRAM) with simple film stack and no cross coupling issue between cells is a promising candidate for future high density memory application [1,2]. The 1TnR architecture with 3D vertical RRAM (VRRAM) structure realizes ultra-low bit cost for high compact density array(More)
As a variation of the thermally actuated flux pump and the linear type magnetic flux pump (LTMFP), the circular type magnetic flux pump (CTMFP) device is proposed to magnetize a circular shape type-II superconducting thin film and bulk. The basic concept is the same as the thermally actuated flux pump: a circularly symmetric traveling magnetic field is(More)
Superconductors are known for the ability to trap magnetic field. A thermally actuated magnetization (TAM) flux pump is a system that utilizes the thermal material to generate multiple small magnetic pulses resulting in a high magnetization accumulated in the superconductor. Ferrites are a good thermal material candidate for the future TAM flux pumps(More)
Recent progress in material science has proved that high-temperature superconductors, such as bulk melt-processed yttrium barium copper oxide (YBCO) single domains, have a great potential to trap significant magnetic fields. In this paper, we will describe a novel method of YBCO magnetization that only requires the applied field to be at the level of a(More)
A thermally actuated flux pump is an efficient method to magnetize the high-temperature superconductor (HTS) bulk without applying a strong magnetic field. A thermal material is employed as a magnetic switch, which decides the efficiency of the system. To measure the Curie temperatures of those samples without destroying them, the nondestructive Curie(More)
A Ta ultra-thin metal layer was treated by O<sub>2</sub> plasma at low temperature to form TaOx, which severs as a resistive element or internal resistor. The low current operated Ta/TaOx/HfO<sub>x</sub> and Ta/TaOx/AlOx devices exhibit self-compliance, good LRS nonlinearity (&gt;40), robust retention at 85 &#x00B0;C, and enough endurance (&gt;1000). A(More)
Obtaining pure cell subpopulations is often the first step for a wide range of applications. Here, we present a generic cell isolation strategy, the “buoyancy activated cell sorting (BACS)”, using glass microbubbles attached with targetspecific antibodies. The design of BACS was centered on the opposite movements of cells and microbubbles during mixing,(More)