C. H. Dharmakeerthi

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Introduction of the electric vehicle (EV) to the transport sector is greatly anticipated considering numerous environmental and socio-economical benefits. Consideration of their charging impact on electricity networks is of major importance to power system engineers under such circumstances. A number of system studies can be found in the literature(More)
The interest on electric vehicles growing as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel driven vehicles. Even though there are a number of grid impact studies, only a scant attention has been paid to study the impact of EV charging on system stability. Electrification of transportation brings significant load integration to the grid. This could profoundly(More)
Electric Vehicles are marking a revolution all around the world owing to their environmental and socio-economical benefits. They are going to invade the vehicle market and automobile industry along with efficient and user preferred updates. From the utilities point of view, the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) to the distribution network brings(More)
The Electric Vehicle (EV) has become the sustainable alternative to fossil fuel driven automobiles. As a result, a new type of load is being seen on power systems. Hence, provision of an EV charging infrastructure has become a new challenge for power system engineers worldwide. It has been identified that the voltage dependent nature of EV load may lead to(More)
Electric vehicle load is an emerging load into power systems. Understanding behavior of such new loads and evaluation of their impact on power system stability and security are of significant importance. This paper examines the influence of load voltage dependency on power system low frequency oscillatory stability. The impact is evaluated analytically for(More)
Loads supplied by controlled power electronic converters are increasingly emerging into power systems. Generally, it is assumed that these loads are having constant power load characteristics. However, modeling of an EV charging load having power electronic grid interface and a voltage controlled dc link, has identified a load characteristic which combines(More)
The development plans of a country should be equitably meet developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations. Eradicating of poverty should be considered as an indispensable requirement for sustainable development in order to decrease the disparities in standard of living and better meet the needs of the majority of the people of a(More)
Increase of electricity demand force the electrical engineers to come up with new solutions. Renewable energy sources, which needs lesser maintenance cost and with lesser environmental effects are gathering momentum. Wind power, major renewable energy source has great potential through out the world. Developing country as Sri Lanka is very much interested(More)
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