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Discovery of association rules has been found useful in many applications. In previous work, all items in a basket database are treated uniformly. We generalize this to the case where items are given weights to re ect their importance to the user. The weights may correspond to special promotions on some products, or the pro tability of di erent items. We(More)
Aiming at the problem of the printed circuit board (PCB) Y axis linking part, we establish the 3D three-dimension model by using the Solidworks software, analysis the structure of the linking part and making appropriate solutions according to its works process and machining process. Finally, we use finite element method to analysis with COSMOSwork software(More)
In the operation process,the Wire Electrical Discharge Machine (WEDM) has certain imperfections such as vibration and the descent of machine precision which vibration produces.This paper studies the dynamic parameter of the machine tool and optimizes the natural frequency and vibration. Taking the DK7725 taper machine tool as an example, the paper(More)
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