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Trichodorus christiei generally causes stunting of lateral roots and localized swelling behind the meristematic region (1, 2, 4, 5, 6). Rohde and Jenkins (4) found accelerated cell maturation and no root cap or region of elongation in tomato roots parasitized by T. christiei. A modification of the technique described by Radewald, et aL (3), was used in the(More)
The secondary male sex characteristics of Hoplolaimus galeatus consisted of caudal alae, two independently retractable spicules and a gubernaculum with two bilobed titillae. The spicules were dimorphic, with the outer one possessing a velum. When both spicules were completely extruded, the only open orifice on the ventral surface of the posterior region was(More)
Processing nematodes for scanning electron microscopy requires transfer of specimens through a series of fixatives and dehydrat ion fluids (1, 2). Preferably, all steps of fixation, dehydration, and drying are performed in the same vessel to avoid repeated handling of specimens. De Grisse (2) described small chambers made of nylon mesh and glass tubing for(More)
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