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To test whether the use of a striatum weighted image may improve registration accuracy and diagnostic outcome in patients with parkinsonian syndromes (PS), weighted images were generated by increasing signal intensity of striatal voxels and used as intermediate dataset for co-registering the brain image onto template. Experimental validation was performed(More)
Metal clusters described in the framework of a simple tight binding model have been studied. Application of a dynamical approach (FOM), jointly with efficient storage of the sparse Hamiltonian matrix involved, is shown to allow direct evaluation of the electronic state density of sizable cubic-symmetry aggregates.
Over the last decade the interest towards functional neuroimaging has gradually increased, especially in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. At present, diagnosis of dementia is mostly clinical. Numerous modalities of neuroimaging are today available, each of them allowing a different aspect of neurodegeneration to be investigated. Although during the(More)
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