C Griss

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Three descending brain interneurons (DNI, DNM, DNC) are described from Locusta migratoria. All are paired, dorsally situated neurons, with soma in the protocerebrum, input dendrites in the proto- and deuterocerebrum, and a single axon running to the metathoracic ganglion and sometimes further. In DNI the soma and all cerebral arborizations lie ipsilateral(More)
  • Jed Marti, A C Hearn, M L Griss, C Griss
  • 1979
Although the programming language LISP was first formulated in 1960 [7], a widely accepted standard has never appeared. As a result, various dialects of LISP were produced [1, 2, 6, 10, 8, 9] in some cases several on the same machine! Consequently, a user often faces considerable difficulty in moving programs from one system to another. In addition, it is(More)
As part of a planned study of the central neural basis of feeding behaviour in larval Manduca sexta, the morphology and physiology of the mandibular motor system is here described. The gross neuroanatomy of the postoral head segments has been investigated, especially the course and structure of the mandibular nerves. The electrophysiology of the mandibular(More)
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