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The management of healthcare professionals exposed to biological material which may potentially be contaminated with HIV HBVand HCV viruses, is of vital importance in acquiring precise epidemiological data regarding the type and means of exposure, and the efficacy or failure to apply recommended preventive measures. This will make it possible to assess over(More)
—In the context of physical medicine and rehabilitation, gait analysis is the "gold standard" for an effective assessment of any problems in the locomotor patterns. Surface electromyography is one of the exams within the protocol of the gait analysis, allowing an assessment of functional limitations in the walking. Considering the Physical Medicine and(More)
Cancer relate fatigue is one of the most frequent problems among cancer patients. It is a nosological highly debilitating entity which has very negative effects on patients quality of life. Foreign literature reports that only during last years oncological operators have started getting aware and their training in order to face it is lacking. Our research(More)
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