C. Greg Jensen

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In plants, cortical microtubules (MTs) occur in characteristically parallel groups maintained up to one microtubule diameter apart by fine filamentous cross-bridges. However, none of the plant microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) so far purified accounts for the observed separation between MTs in cells. We previously isolated from carrot cytoskeletons a(More)
We measured the concentrations of both 4.5S RNA and Ffh protein under a variety of growth conditions and found that there were 400 molecules of 4.5S RNA per 10,000 ribosomes in wild-type cells and that the concentration of Ffh protein was one-fourth of that. This difference in concentration is 1 order of magnitude less than that previously reported but(More)
A single primary cilium is found in chondrocytes and other connective tissue cells. We have previously shown that extracellular matrix (ECM) macromolecules such as collagen fibers closely associate with chondrocyte primary cilia, and their points of contact are characterized by electron-opaque plaques suggesting a direct link between the ECM and the cilium.(More)
Mechanical loading is essential for the health and homeostasis of articular cartilage, although the fundamental mechanotransduction pathways are unclear. Previous studies have demonstrated that cyclic compression up-regulates proteoglycan synthesis via an intracellular Ca(2+) signalling pathway, mediated by the release of ATP. However, the mechanism(s) of(More)
There are a number of forensic cases in which the identification of the epithelial cell type from which DNA originated would provide important probative evidence. This study aimed to develop a technique using histological staining of fixed cells to distinguish between skin, buccal and vaginal epithelium. First, 11 different stains were screened on(More)
We examined the synthesis of individual proteins following depletion of 4.5S RNA by using a strain deficient in the induction of heat shock proteins. We found that initially the synthesis of all proteins was equally affected, and the peptide elongation rate was reduced by approximately 10%. For up to 1 generation time after the onset of inhibition of total(More)
Hyaline cartilage chondrocytes express one primary cilium per cell, but its function remains unknown. We examined the ultrastructure of chick embryo sternal chondrocyte cilia and their interaction with extracellular matrix molecules by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and, for the first time, double-tilt electron tomography. Ciliary bending was also(More)
The effects of colcemid (0.16-1.0 microM) and taxol (10 microM) on the primary cilia cycle in PtK1 cells were studied by antitubulin immunofluorescence microscopy and by high-voltage electron microscopy of serial 0.25-micron sections. Although these drugs induce a fully characteristic rearrangement (taxol) or disassembly (colcemid) of cytoplasmic(More)
Primary cilia are highly conserved organelles found on almost all eukaryotic cells. Tg737(orpk) (orpk) mice carry a hypomorphic mutation in the Tg737 gene resulting in the loss of polaris, a protein essential for ciliogenesis. Orpk mice have an array of skeletal patterning defects and show stunted growth after birth, suggesting defects in appositional and(More)