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Based on Whitley's " National Business Systems " (NBS) institutional framework (Whitley 1997; 1999), we theorize about and empirically investigate the impact of nation-level institutions on firms' corporate social performance (CSP). Using a sample of firms from 42 countries spanning seven years, we construct an annual composite CSP index for each firm based(More)
We report the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and clinico-histologic characterization of dorsally exophytic brain stem gliomas (DEBSGs). Between 1983 and 1991, 12 of 51 patients evaluated for the diagnosis of brain stem glioma were found to have DEBSGs emanating from the pons, pontomedullary junction or medulla. Eleven of the 12 patients had classic(More)
Since clozapine is, in contrast to conventional neuroleptics, effective in treatment refractory schizophrenic patients its mechanism of action may be different from that of typical neuroleptics. Clozapine has been shown to display the highest binding affinity of all neuroleptics to one of the serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5HT) receptor subtypes, i.e., the(More)
Imperative and declarative performative behavior was examined in nonretarded and Down's syndrome children operating at two stages of sensorimotor intelligence. In both groups, more advanced types of performative behavior generally associated with a higher sensorimotor stage. Relative to the nonretarded children of the same sensorimotor stages, the Down's(More)
A case study is presented of the LEXIS/NEXIS information-retrieval system, which during peak loads processes nearly eight thousand full-text searches an hour. Most often these searches are directed at databases on the order of one hundred billion bytes in size. The I/O and CPU resource requirements to service the LEXIS/NEXIS workload is approaching the(More)
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