C. Greenough

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To evaluate whether MRI correlates with CT and SPECT imaging for the diagnosis of juvenile spondylolysis, and to determine whether MRI can be used as an exclusive image modality. Juveniles and young adults with a history of extension low back pain were evaluated by MRI, CT and SPECT imaging. All images were reviewed blindly. Correlative analyses included CT(More)
STUDY DESIGN A prospective test-retest study was conducted to investigate both new and follow-up patients with low back pain presenting to an orthopedic surgeon specializing in back pain. OBJECTIVES To further validate the internal consistency and test-retest reliability of the Low Back Outcome Score, and to compare these results with other(More)
A literature review of the most widely used, condition-specific, self-administered assessment questionnaires for low back pain has been undertaken. In part I, technical issues such as validity, reliability, availability and comparability were analyzed for the nine most widely used outcome tools. This second part focuses on the content and wording of(More)
STUDY DESIGN An investigation of the reliability of various factors used to analyze electromyograms of paraspinal muscles of the lumbar spine. OBJECTIVES To determine the reproducibility of several electromyographic variables over time and to assess the influence of confounding factors. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previous reliability studies have(More)
The influence of compensation on recovery from low-back pain was assessed in a retrospective controlled cohort study. One hundred fifty compensable and 150 noncompensable back injury patients were invited for review between 1 and 5 years from presentation. A 91.3% follow-up was achieved, and there was no difference in the median age, follow-up, and initial(More)
The results of primary total hip arthroplasty for sub-capital femoral neck fracture in previously normal hips are reported. Thirty-seven patients aged 70 or less at the time of surgery were reviewed at an average follow-up of 56 months. Eighteen (49%) had undergone or were awaiting revision surgery. A further four (11%) had definite radiological signs of(More)
A comparative evaluation of eight psychometric instruments was made in 274 patients who were currently suffering or previously had suffered from low-back pain. The specificity and sensitivity values for detection of psychological disturbance were calculated and optimum cutoff scores determined for each test. The influence of current pain, social group,(More)
OBJECTIVE Chronic pain, particularly low back pain, is widespread. Although a great deal is known about the impact that this has on quality of life and physical activity, relatively little has been established regarding the more cognitive effects of pain. This study aims to find out whether individuals with chronic pain experience memory deficits in(More)
STUDY DESIGN Prospective case series. OBJECTIVES To assess the results of instrumented posterolateral lumbar fusion, using recognized outcome assessment techniques, to evaluate the correlation between technical and clinical results and the effects of assessment techniques, and to compare the outcome with that of anterior lumbar fusion. SUMMARY OF(More)