C. Goodrich

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The NMR relaxation times T'2, T2, and T1 were measured in isolated rat lungs as functions of external magnetic field B0, temperature, and lung inflation. The observed linear dependence on B0 of the tissue-induced free induction decay rate (T'2)-1 provides independent confirmation of the air/water interface model of the lung. Furthermore, measurements of the(More)
In this paper we show how SAVS, a tool for visualization and data analysis in space and atmospheric science, can be used to quickly and easily address problems that would previously have been far more laborious to solve. Based on the popular AVS package, SAVS presents the user with an environment tailored specifically for the physical scientist. Thus there(More)
The success of the Center for Integrated Space Weather Modeling (CISM) depends on the production of an ever-improving series of comprehensive scientific models describing the Solar Terrestrial environment from the solar surface to the upper atmosphere of earth. We describe here our strategy for coupling the codes we have selected as the basis for these(More)
We show results of the Lyon-Fedder-Mobarry (LFM) global MHD simulations of an event previously examined using Iridium spacecraft observations as well as DMSP and IMAGE FUV data. The event is chosen for the steady northward IMF sustained over a three-hour period during 16 July 2000. The Iridium observations showed very weak or absent Region 2 currents in the(More)
Fifth graders, ninth graders, college students, and persons over age sixty-five were given three pencil-and-paper tasks in spatial development. Knowledge of Euclidean space was assessed in each of these three tasks. In Task 1, the participants were asked to draw water lines in tilted bottles on a horizontal stand. In Task 2, they were asked to draw water(More)
The Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) of the University of Maryland, College Park campus, was created in October, 1991 to facilitate the use of state-of-the-art visualization techniques on campus. The complementary goals of the AVL are to meet the general graphics needs of the academic community by offering new user services, and to meet the specific(More)
The application of an electronically steered thinned array L band radiometer (ESTAR) for soil moisture mapping was investigated over the arid rangeland Walnut Gulch Watershed located in southwestern Arizona. Antecedent rainfall and evaporation for the flights were very different and resulted in a wide range of soil moisture conditions. The high spatial(More)
This study examines the behavior of the earth's magnetosphere under extreme solar wind conditions using global magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulations. Particular emphasis is placed on the phenomenon of the cross polar cap potential (CPCP) saturation. The effect refers to the tendency of the potential to level off instead of growing linearly as the(More)
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