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We show that mutation in polo leads to a variety of abnormal mitoses in Drosophila larval neuroblasts. These include otherwise normal looking mitotic spindles upon which chromosomes appear overcondensed; normal bipolar spindles with polyploid complements of chromosomes; bipolar spindles in which one pole can be unusually broad; and monopolar spindles. We(More)
We report that in Drosophila, gamma-tubulin is required for the structure as well as the function of microtubule organizing centres (MTOCs). This conclusion is based on the identification and phenotypic characterization of a mutant allele of the gamma-tubulin gene located at region 23C of the polytene chromosome map. This mutation, which we have called(More)
Mutations at abnormal spindle result in abnormally long and wavy microtubules in the meiotic spindles of males. Some of these spindles have a single pole and take the form of unopposed hemi-spindles. Unfertilised eggs produced by homozygous asp females may have either no nuclei, or a small number of large nuclei, consistent with there also being an effect(More)
PURPOSE To determine the average optical performance of the human eye, in terms of the modulation transfer function (MTF), as a function of age. METHODS An apparatus was constructed to measure the ocular MTF, based on the recording of images of a green, 543-nm laser-point source after reflection in the retina and double pass through the ocular media. MTFs(More)
During interphase in Drosophila neuroblasts, the Centrobin (CNB)-positive daughter centriole retains pericentriolar material (PCM) and organizes an aster that is a key determinant of the orientation of cell division. Here we show that daughter centrioles depleted of CNB cannot fulfil this function whereas mother centrioles that carry ectopic CNB can. CNB(More)
OBJECTIVE Both insulin resistance (IR) and decreased insulin secretion have been shown to predict the development of NIDDM. However, methods to assess insulin sensitivity and secretion are complicated and expensive to apply in epidemiological studies. The homeostasis model assessment (HOMA) has been suggested as a method to assess IR and secretion from the(More)
The ionic currents of carotid body type I cells and their possible involvement in the detection of oxygen tension (Po2) in arterial blood are unknown. The electrical properties of these cells were studied with the whole-cell patch clamp technique, and the hypothesis that ionic conductances can be altered by changes in PO2 was tested. The results show that(More)
Studying gene–lifestyle interaction may help to identify lifestyle factors that modify genetic susceptibility and uncover genetic loci exerting important subgroup effects. Adequately powered studies with prospective, unbiased, standardised assessment of key behavioural factors for gene–lifestyle studies are lacking. This case–cohort study aims to(More)
We show that the sequence of Drosophila cyclin B has greater identity with B-type cyclins from other animal phyla than with Drosophila cyclin A, suggesting that the two cyclins have distinct roles that have been maintained in evolution. Cyclin A is not detectable in unfertilized eggs and is present at low levels prior to cellularization of the syncytial(More)