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A case of gastric hyperplastic polyposis is reported in a 48-year old woman, with iron deficiency anemia. An hyperplastic gastric polyposis was discovered. This patient had been operated 17 years previously for a large adenomatous polyp of the caecum. Her son had also several adenomatous polyps of the right colon. A gastrectomy was performed. Hyperplastic(More)
Transverse parorchidium is characterized by the presence of two testes in the same bursa, and may be associated with persistent Müllerian vestige in the spermatic cord of the normally situated testis. Persistence of Müllerian vestige is related to inadequate production of anti-Müllerian hormone by the embryonal testis. Transverse parorchidium is caused by(More)
Two cases of disinsertion of the papilla following closed trauma to the abdomen were treated by suction of the papilla by a Y loop associated with temporary pyloric exclusion, gastroenterostomy and a feeding jejunostomy. The postoperative course was uneventful in the two patients. This technique is therefore indicated for associated pancreatic lesions which(More)
Therapy by Taylor's method was attempted in 61 of 96 patients with perforated ulcer of duodenal cap. Treatment was effective in 50 cases (more than 50%) and morbidity and mortality were low. Most operated cases were recipients of simple treatment for the perforation, more rarely combined with therapy for the ulcer disease. Postoperative mortality was very(More)
Two instruments, one of Russian origin, using very fine Tantale clips, permit one to carry out easily mechanical suture during operations on the digestive tract. These two instruments may be associated. The suture obtained is very safe, whether inversing or eversing. This method of suture seems to be particularly applicable to oesophageal and colonic(More)