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We have isolated and characterized a gene-sized DNA encoding calmodulin (Clm) from macronuclear (MA) DNA of the hypotrichous ciliate, Stylonychia lemnae. The gene has 3500 copies per macronucleus. The length of the gene was deduced by agarose-gel electrophoresis of MA DNA and Southern blot analysis using a Clm cDNA probe from chicken. We then isolated the(More)
Hepatic glutamine synthetase (GS) shows a unique expression pattern limited to a few hepatocytes surrounding the terminal hepatic veins. Starting from the genomic clone of the rat GS gene, lambda GS1 [Van de Zande, L. P. G. W., Labruyère, W. T., Arnberg, A. C., Wilson, R. H., Van den Bogaert, A. J. W., Das, A. T., Frijters, C., Charles, R., Moorman, A. F.(More)
In order to identify regulatory elements involved in the hepatocyte specific expression of the enzyme glutamine synthetase [GS (E.C.] we analyzed the first intron of the rat GS gene. A sequence analysis detected clusters of potential transcription factor binding sites in regions that are hypersensitive for DNase I, including sites for Sp1, HNF3 and(More)
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