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We describe here a new subset of T cells, found in humans, mice, and cattle. These cells bear a canonical T cell receptor (TCR) alpha chain containing hAV7S2 and AJ33 in humans and the homologous AV19-AJ33 in mice and cattle with a CDR3 of constant length. These T cells are CD4(-)CD8(-) double-negative (DN) T cells in the three species and also(More)
Sawdust has been proven to be a good bulking agent for sludge composting; however, studies on the most suitable ratio of sludge:sawdust for sludge composting and on the influence of the sludge nature (aerobic or anaerobic) on the composting reaction rate are scarce. In this study two different sewage sludges (aerobic, AS, and anaerobic, ANS) were composted(More)
The short-term effects of wildfire on the characteristics of Mediterranean pine forest soils, exposed to semiarid climatic conditions, were evaluated by measuring different chemical, biochemical and microbiological parameters 9 months after the fire. Soils in which the fire had been intense showed higher electrical conductivity values than unburnt soils.(More)
Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors are characterized by their great diversity of genes and alleles. Population studies have identified the presence of a broad variety of genotypes. In Mexico, there are diverse ethnic groups representing 9% of the total population and the rest is composed of Mestizos with a more varied biology. For the purpose of this(More)
The present study aimed to analyse the chemical composition and oxidative status of Iberian dry-cured hams from pigs fed different finishing diets: extensive feeding on acorns and pasture in a "Montanera" traditional system (MON), fed in confinement with a mixed diet containing high-oleic sunflower oil (115g/kg of diet) and supplemented with 250mg/kg(More)
The acrosomal process of Limulus sperm is an 80-microns long finger of membrane supported by a crystalline bundle of actin filaments. The filaments in this bundle are crosslinked by a 102-kD protein, scruin present in a 1:1 molar ratio with actin. Recent image reconstruction of scruin decorated actin filaments at 13-A resolution shows that scruin is(More)
AIM Hepatitis C virus often establishes chronic infections. Recent studies suggest that viral and bacterial infections are more common in HCV-infected patients compared to controls. Pathogens are recognized by Toll-like receptors (TLRs) to shape adaptive and innate immune responses. METHODS In this study, to assess the ability of HCV-infected host to(More)
It was found that 48 hour cultures of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae secreted proteases into the medium. Electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gels (10%) copolymerized with porcine gelatin (0.1%), of the 70% (NH4)2SO4 precipitate from the culture supernatants, displayed protease activities of different molecular weights: > 200, 200, 90, 80, 70 and 50 kDa. They(More)
 This paper reports the effect of the addition of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste at two different rates on the microbiological and biochemical properties of an arid soil after 8 years. The vegetation that appeared spontaneously just after the amendment was still present 8 years later. The organic matter fractions were higher in the amended(More)
The genus Astyanax comprises small characin fish of the neotropical region. The so-called 'yellow-tailed characins' compose one of the most widely distributed Astyanax groups. A. altiparanae and A. aff. bimaculatus, are evolutionarily closely related and commonly found in several Brazilian hydrographic basins. In the present work, chromosomal data of(More)