C. G. Wright

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Herein we describe how the rotating disk electrode voltammetric technique can be used to examine the mechanism(s) of the inward transport of dopamine by the neuronal transporter for dopamine (DAT). The usefulness of making measurements kinetically resolving dopamine transport, interpretations of changes in Km and Vmax, approaches to defining(More)
A generalization of the cube-connected cycles of Preparata and Vuillemin is described which retains the symmetry of these architectures while allowing for constructions of greater density and of arbitrary degree. These constructions are of a type known as Cayley graphs, and their analysis is greatly facilitated by the applicability of methods from
Known amounts of acephate, chlorpyrifos, and diazinon were applied to Formica, unfinished plywood, stainless steel, and vinyl tile. Cotton-ball and dental wick materials were dipped in 2-propanol and "swiped" over the treated surface area two time. More acephate was found on the second swipe compared to the first from vinyl tile, similar amounts on both(More)