C G Sudarshan

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In this paper we give an explicit parametrization for all two-qubit density matrices. This is important for calculations involving entanglement and many other types of quantum information processing. To accomplish this we present a generalized Euler angle parametrization for SU(4) and all possible two-qubit density matrices. The important group-theoretical(More)
25 years of heart transplantation data were used to identify factors associated with patient survival and investigate changes over time. Analysis was performed across 5 time eras – pre-triple therapy, post-triple therapy to 1990 and the remaining 15 years through 2005 divided into 3 groups of 5 years each. Both shortand long-term survival improved with the(More)
INTRODUCTION Irrigating solutions are used for cleaning and removing dentinal debris, and the other remains from pulpal space during biomechanical preparation. Therefore, we evaluated the impact of various irrigating agents on root fracture at 5-minute time exposure. MATERIALS AND METHODS We sectioned 60 permanent maxillary premolars with fully formed(More)
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