C. G. Overberger

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The role of the amino acid proline in influencing the secondary and tertiary structure of proteins and polypeptides has been an area of active study for many years. We have investigated this problem by incorporating the four-membered ring amino acid, azetidine-2-carboxylic acid, into some proline polypeptides. An adjunct to the synthesis of the peptides was(More)
Studies on the synthesis and anionic oligomerization of polynuclear cresyl methacrylates 1968-69 Research Associate, University of Michigan; Aided in the direction of a group of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in the area of optically active polyamides. Studied the polymerization of 3-amino butanoic acid, and the synthesis and resolution(More)
In an effort to exploit the enhancement in catalytic activity which might be derived through hydrophobic interactions between polymeric catalyst and substrate, 1-methyl-5-vinylimidazole (1-Me-5-VIm), 1-methyl-4-vinylimidazole (1-Me-4-VIm), 1-butyl-5-vinylimidazole (1-Bu-5-VIm), and 1-butyl-4-vinylimidazole (1-Bu-4-VIm) have been synthesized and polymerized.(More)