C G Moneypenny

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The actions of known platyhelminth FaRPs on the contractility of whole-worm preparations of the monogenean, Diclidophora merlangi have been examined in vitro for the first time. All of the peptides tested had excitatory effects on the motor activity of the worm. The order of potency for the peptides tested was: YIRFamide > GYIRFamide = RYIRFamide >(More)
The physiological effects of selected classical transmitters and FMRFamide-related peptides (FaRPs) on dispersed muscle fibres from the marine turbellarian, Procerodes littoralis have been examined. Confocal scanning laser microscopy coupled with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) or tetramethylrhodamine (TRITC)-labelled phalloidin revealed a highly(More)
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