C. G. Lennon

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This paper addresses a distributed system where a manager needs to assign a piece of equipment repeatedly between two selfish agents. On each day, each agent may encounter a task—routine or valuable—and can request the use of the manager’s equipment to perform the task. Because the equipment benefits a valuable task more than a routine task, the manager(More)
Gender differences in task allocations may help sustain vertical gender segregation in labor markets. If women hold more non-promotable tasks then they may progress more slowly than men in organizations. Examining environments where a volunteer must be found for a task that everyone prefers be completed by someone else (writing a report, serving on a(More)
The Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate affects firms who previously did not provide health coverage much more than firms who did. The difference creates a natural experiment which can be used to examine how labor market outcomes are determined by variation in health care costs at the individual level. Estimates, using the Medical Expenditure Panel(More)
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