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The effects of Cd on the growth and distribution of Cd and mineral nutrients within plant tissues were investigated for Pinus sylvestris L. seedlings grown in mineral forest soil with increasing levels of Cd addition (0–100 mg kg−1). Approximately 20% of added Cd was found to be extractable from sandy loam forest soil. Root growth was less affected by Cd(More)
We invcstigattd the formation process and characteristics of barium ferrite single crystallite prepared by hydrothermal synthesis and the effect of heat treatment on crystallization and magnetic properties. The single phase of barium ferrite is formed in the batch composition Ka:Fe 1:10 and above alkali molar ratio 2.5. The particle size has tendency to(More)
Effects of Cd on growth and glucose utilisation of Paxillus involutus, Rhizopogon subcaerulescens and Suillus bovinus were investigated in vitro in liquid culture. S. bovinus was the species most sensitive to Cd in terms of dry matter production and P. involutus was less sensitive than R. subcaerulescens. Greater production of hyphae of P. involutus than(More)
Light leakage at low gray levels degrades a contrast ratio of LCDs. To increase the contrast ratio, local dimming algorithms have been proposed. In the local dimming algorithms, a dimming duty controls the backlight luminance of each local block, so the dimming duty is to be determined as considering the original image. In this paper, we propose how to(More)
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