C. G. Huang

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obtained from (1) by using the Leibniz–Newton formula (t) 0 (t 0 (t)) = t t0(t) _ () d: The initial condition for (35) is given by the vector-valued function on the set It should be observed that each solution of (1) is also a solution of (35); see, e.g., [18]. We also introduce the following differential equation: _ y(t) = 0(0 k)y(t) + q(t)y(t 0 (t)) (36)(More)
Systolic architectures for inversion in Galois field (GF(2^m)) are presented. The proposed inversion algorithm is a counter-free extended Euclidean algorithm, which results in simple circuit implementation for GF inversion. Additionally, the bit-parallel implementation proposed is shown to be C-testable. Testability and modularity make it suited to VLSI(More)
Guinea pig (GP) pancreatic polypeptide (PP) has been purified from an acid-alcohol extract of 6 GP pancreata by a series of 3 HPLC steps. The sequence for GP PP as compared with that of beef and human is shown: (Sequence: see text). In a single GP pancreas weighing 2.4 g the total PP content was 1.0 nmol and the total glucagon content 61 nmol; in a single(More)
AIM To study the therapeutic effect of NGF to rats with newly CS2 deranged. METHODS The model of rats with deranged visual nerve was made by CS2 (i.p) for three weeks. Rats were then treated with different dosages of NGF for three weeks, and the changes of visual evoked potential were determined. RESULTS The latency of PREP and FEP shortened(More)
1 with 2 [0; ] and with 2 [0; ` 1 (0)]. therefore we can conclude that the given time–delay system (26) is 0.2-stable. Even for the nominal system, we havè 2(0) = 2 (A0 + I) + 2 2 i=1 jAije h = 00 : 6571 < 0 : By Corollary 1, it is 0. 2-stable too. V. CONCLUSION This paper has presented several results in which we use some simple matrix operations or draw(More)
Effects of microinjection of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) into cisterna magna, dorsal vagal complex (dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus, nucleus tractus solitarius and area postrema) and spinal subarachnoid space on gastric acid secretion (GAS) were observed in Ghosh-Schild's rats. The results were as follows: (1) VIP (10 micrograms) injected into the(More)
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