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Hydatid disease of the genitalia was encountered in 12 female patients between 1957 and 1977, an incidence of 1 in 1000 gynecologic abdominal operations. The frequency of involvement of female genital organs in hydatid disease is very low, and its pathogenesis still remains obscure. The symptoms of the disease are not specific; they simulate those of(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES To investigate the feasibility of contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance cholangiography (CE-MRC) and compare it with single-shot turbo spin-echo magnetic resonance cholangiography (SSTSE-MRC). METHODS Fifteen patients with suspected metastatic liver disease (n = 10) or biliary tree abnormalities (n = 5) underwent a magnetic(More)
45 patients with uterine anomalies were studied regarding their fertility. 39 of these 45 patients were pregnant prior or following the diagnosis. The 80 conceptions show a fertility rate of 86.6%. 46 pregnancies led to the delivery of a viable infant. 34 pregnancies resulted in miscarriage of premature delivery. Miscarriages were much more frequent in(More)
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