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We present a novel radio-frequency identification (RFID) system with capability of localization and tracking of passive or semi-passive tags. Localization and tracking features are enabled by backscatter modulation on ultra-wide bandwidth tag's antenna. A ultra-high frequency signal allows the wake-up of the tags enabling the reduction of energy consumption(More)
Having the right information at the right time is an essential precondition for successfully managing enterprises of any kind, anywhere. The success of Internet search engines and related services has made a clear impact on the enterprise. However, as has been stated before, the problem with information isn't retrieving it, but rather making sense of it. In(More)
Despite ever increasing computation power, better performance still remains in the main goals of software engineering. One of the most popular ways to achieve this is through caching, in which program runtime speed is traded in for higher memory usage. Computationally intensive programs often contain repeated calls to calculations yielding the same results(More)
Data mining is known to be among the hottest topics in E-science. New methods for mining vast amounts of heterogeneous data from several data sources are emerging all the time. In this paper, we explore two of the most important data mining tasks in a distributed environment. We showcase some of the most important properties and algorithms of distributed(More)
Data streams are produced continuously at a high speed. Most data stream mining techniques address this challenge by using adaptation and approximation techniques. Adapting to available resources has been addressed recently. Although these techniques ensure the continuity of the data mining process under resource limitation, the quality of the output is(More)
The rising popularity of web-based applications has forced the browser into a role for which it was not designed. Multiple applications run within the same process and have access to the browser's disk-based state (e.g. cookies), despite being conceptually separate. Most browsers attempt to address these issues, yet bugs are inevitable in software of such(More)